Halloween Movie Director

Halloween Movie Director     

   We only focus one thing: make everyone's Halloween imagination into visible movies & photos. 
3D virtual characters and items can be added into the scene. Dozens of amazing real-time visual effects can make your works more stylish and fantastic. Also it's very easy to use, with real-time effect preview, what you see is what you get. No any post-process work to do, all you need is just your imagination. 
Super easy to use, Superb film you make, Super fun you get! 

1.   Add 3D virtual characters and items into the real world. 
      It mixes the real world with a virtual magic world. You can add Virtual Characters and items into your world, and interact with them, take photos with them, even make magic movies with them. 
2.  Dozens of amazing real-time visual effects 
Many Real-time visual effects to make it very cool: Halloween Horror Effect, Fantasy dream Effect, Childhood Game Effects, Gothic Dark Effect, and Real life Effect. 
3.   What You See is What You Get 
You will get FULL REALTIME previewing, video recording and photo taking. No any post-processing work to waste your time. 
4.  Halloween Theme and 3D Virtual items 
Halloween style UI and special Halloween Horror Effect. 
5.  Direct save your movies and photos into iOS photo library. 
6.  Explore it to get more details. More fun features and more 3D virtual items will come soon in the next update. 

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